1. If you are a new customer you have to register on our website
  2. After registration a customer service consultant will contact you via telephone or e-mail in order to verify and confirm the personal data.
  3. After the registration you will have an access to our catalogue.


After logging:

  1. You will have access to promotions and product cards of given clothes.
  2. The prices provided in the catalogue are net sale prices without any discount.



  1. The time of completing the order is determined individually with every customer.
  2. All products provided contain a product card (which includes net price given in Euros, chemical composition, packing procedure and how to take care of the product) and card with range of colours (if it is provided for a given product).
  3. Products are sold only in packages specified in product cards. It is not possible to sell a product in one colour or size only.
  4. After sending us an e-mail, you will receive the message to your mail box as well.
  5. Any payment (including the advance payment) is determined with every customer individually.

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